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Santa Fe Bandstand 2012

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Santa Fe Music Videos Blog
The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars                                                                11/26/11

Brono Mars is a genius! I love this song and I especially love the video. The whole video is one continuous and uninterrupted shot of Mars singing in a bedroom and the chimps dancing, goofing off and mimicking to the song's lyrics. It is very clever. It was directed by Mars and Cameron Duddy. It proves that with a good idea and proper rehearsal you can make a music video that entertains and that didn't cost a million dollars to produce.  Way to go Brono Mars!!!

Music Video Reviews
Santa Fe Music Videos Blog
Music Video Reviews

We Are the Many- Makana                                                                              11/29/11

"We’ll occupy the streets, We’ll occupy the courts, We’ll occupy the offices of you, Till you do, The bidding of the many, not the few." Is the chorus to an outstanding new protest song written by Hawaiian artist Makana. 

He was recently hired to perform backround music for world leaders including President Obama and Chinese Premier Hu Jintao at the APEC summit in Hawaii.  He courageously choose instead to perform his protest song "We Are The Many" repeatedly for 45 minutes!!! Bravo!!

The Music Video features shots of Makana singing  and playing the guitar in front of an American Flag along with internet still shots and graphics. It was produced by Kamuela Vance with help from the Olelo Community Television. It is very simple, effective and most of all moving.  It shows that with a great song you can produce an awesome music video without going to major expense. Power to the people!!

Makana is very brave and talented,  I encourage everyone to check out "We Are the Many" on youtube.